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Project Description

Habitat for Humanity Commercial

The intention of the spot is to meet viewers in their safest place (their home) and open their eyes to the fact that not everyone has this stability, comfort and security. By focusing on different aspects of the ‘home,’ I hope viewers will realize that a home is much more than a roof over someone’s head. That they can contribute to helping someone in need of a home through Habitat for Humanity. The visual direction or style of the piece mimics the existing main color scheme of Habitat for Humanity (blue and green), but it also introduces softer, earthy colors as a secondary scheme to implement warmth. A subtle hand crafted feel is applied to the design elements through the use of textures or imagery. This reinforces the ‘home’ aspect of the spot. Also there is slight kinetic typography to support the voice over, but not every single word is shown – only the main points from each line.